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Our team will participate in the world championship of Footgolf, click on the button to see the schedule of the stages.



The As Monaco Footgolf Team was founded in late 2017 from President Mr. Oscar Damiani and Vice President Mr. Gianlorenzo Santoro that started to play and felt in love with footgolf.

The main target for next seasons is to become one of the best European Footgolf Team.

We will compete in French Championship (as we are affilitate to AFFG Association Francaise de Footgolf) and World Tour Championship Tournament to let players scoring point for FIFG World Ranking.

In last years Footgolf is becoming very attracting for sponsor, Footgolf is growing up very fast and some of most famous company are coming into our world.

In 2012 there were 800 players in the world, in 2017 there are more there 30000 players and many other players are starting in last months.

Some of sponsor company are: Mc Donalds, BMW France, Sony, Ader Capital, Heineken, Red Bull, Ibis Hotel, Societe Generale and many others.

We are looking forward to start 2018 season.


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